Technology owes humanity tons of gratitude for blessing it with eco-friendly and cheaper alternatives. One such technological advancement is Solar energy-supported equipment which has changed human life by almost 360 degrees. The comfort and economic ease in today’s hyped financial crisis due to the availability of solar energy run equipment thus are of great worth.

On the other hand, street lights are another wonder of technology whose benefits are well known. The brilliant minds have thus combined solar energy and streetlights to produce amazing solar streetlights.

PBOX is a big name when it comes to solar street light manufacturers! Choose them for our solar street lights, and you will never regret the decision.

If you have a street light installation project, you must consider PBOX LED solar street light manufacturer.

Reasons behind Choosing PBOX as your LED Solar Street Lights Manufacturer

You may find hundreds of vendors for your solar streetlights project, each claiming to be the perfect fit for your task. However, we have chosen PBOX as a competent and reliable solar street light manufacturer that can do your project like no one else. Its selection is made after extensive testing and research, so let’s discuss why PBOX is the lead.

#1- Free Project Analysis

PBOX offers you a free project analysis. It means consultation for free! Wow!! This is something we call sheer professionalism. The company proves itself competent and diverse. It is not only the ultimate stop for lighting solutions but free consultation. The experts guide you, assess your project in-depth, and suggest the number of required products.

#2- No Minimum Order Quantity

Most manufacturers bind customers with a certain amount of lights which may not be the project’s requirement if the project is small. Another reason for choosing PBOX solar street lights manufacturers is that you are not bound to order a specific amount.

#4- Unbeatable Customer Service

The PBOX customer service is exceptional. A team to assist the customers works round the clock to ensure workflow and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the skilled team is trained to thoroughly monitor the project and update the customer.

#5- Tailored Solutions

The brilliant R & D team at PBOX lighting solutions is working tirelessly to come up with startling options. Each solar street light is tailored to provide you with the nearest to customization feelings.

Features of PBOX LED Solar Street Lights

The LED street lights by PBOX are the main reason, besides the arguments mentioned above, for choosing PBOX. These are highly engineered lights with impeccable features. The LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery supports to the max.

Laced with a high-luminous LED chip, the light ensures maximum luminosity or output. The incorporation of intelligent technology in the form of an Intelligent Steady State Controller thus acts as the brain to steer the light according to the conditions.


Try PBOX LED street light manufacturers once, and you won’t regret the decision. Their customer service and quality are outstanding. The latest technological lights are a great asset for the streets as the utility bill reduces by half because of the incorporation of solar energy tech.

So, why won’t you choose a manufacturer that compromises on nothing but believes in delivering the best at all stages?


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