Looking beautiful is an attribute that should be held with utmost importance for every lady. Different parts of a lady’s body contribute to a lady’s beauty; however, one essential part that is most times underrated is the eyelash. The perfect lash can make a significant difference in a lady’s face and how she appears. Perfect long and dark eyelashes make the eye look brighter and make viewers emphasize movement around the eye, attracted to every blink and gaze.

However, many ladies find their natural eyelashes not as appealing as they would like them to be. Some are shorter than others, while some are not well arranged. The advent of false lashes has brought perfect lashes to the faces of everyone who feels her eyelashes are not good enough. Browsing for the ideal eyelash that will suit your need can be tricky. That is why in this article, we will be giving you tips that will help you select the perfect lashes for your eye.

Tips To Select The Perfect False Lash For Your Eye

  • Always go for individual lashes: Individual lashes, unlike strip lashes, are always packaged in sections and altogether have just about 30 to 60 lashes in them. Using these individual lashes gives you a simple and unique look rather than a dramatic one.
  • Choice of color:  Another great factor that must be considered when getting a false eyelash for yourself is the color of the eyelash; the color selected must be a color that matches your natural lash color. Many people make the mistake of choosing another color for some reason, which gives them an unpleasant look.
  • Go for magnetic lashes if it’s to be reused: It is much more advisable to opt for magnetic lashes if you have plans to reuse the lashes over and over again. People tend not to go for this because it’s quite expensive. However, using it over again still gives that perfect look on the face every time you put it on. Many also grow the perception that magnetic lash is not so common. It can be gotten at various fashion stores or any eyelash vending machine close to you.
  • Type of eye: Different lashes fit well with different kinds of eyelashes, such as false ones. When selecting a false lash, every lady must know her type of eyes before buying a false eyelash. For instance, a lady with an almond eye is advised to go for a full lash and spread it across to suit the eye perfectly, while a woman with a round eye is usually recommended to pick curly lashes. Also, if you have never used a false eyelash before, starters should use a false eyelash about the same length as their natural lashes. At the same time, the right application of false eyelashes should be known by anyone who intends to use it.


Lashes are incredibly important in beautifying a lady, but that’s only if she gets the type that fits her. With these tips, we’re sure you can now choose your eyelashes correctly. Pay special attention to your type of eyes and their color. Also, learn how to apply it correctly.


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