The Yiwu market is China’s wholesale market hotspot. In the market, you can never lack anything. Furthermore, Yiwu is located strategically, making it easily accessible for both local and international markets. Yiwu market is also home to the world’s best sourcing companies. Therefore, if you wish to find the right product manufacturers at the most convenient place and price, the best sourcing company can help you with that. The popularity of the Yiwu market has raised the curiosity of many. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Yiwu market.


1. What makes the Yiwu Market famous?

Yiwu market is also referred to as China Commodity City (CCC). It is well known for its large-sized wholesale market. Furthermore, global economic authorities, such as the world bank, define it as the biggest small items wholesale market globally. Therefore, its popularity is due to the several small-commodity wholesale markets positioned in the same city. The many small-commodity wholesale markets also have different product ranges. It is also an ideal place for both local and international buyers.


2. Are there sourcing companies in Yiwu?

Yiwu market is the heart of the wholesale business in China. Furthermore, the products present are available at reasonable costs and quality standards. Therefore, some of the best sourcing companies are present at Yiwu. Additionally, the best sourcing companies are conversant with the Chinese language. Thus, their central position in Yiwu ensures that international buyers can easily seek their services.


3. What is the benefit of sourcing companies in Yiwu?

The benefit of sourcing companies in Yiwu is to guide their clients on the best factories or wholesale suppliers that can guarantee quality and affordability. Furthermore, the sourcing agents reduce the risks of international buyers getting duped. Thus, offer to carry out negotiation on their behalf.


4. Where is the Yiwu market positioned?

Yiwu market is also referred to as Yiwu International Trade City. It is primarily located in Zhejiang, Yiwu, China. Its position ensures almost all types of transportations systems, from cars to trains. Therefore, traveling is made easy.


5. How many districts are in Yiwu Market?

Yiwu market has about five districts. There are at least thousands of affordable commodities in all the districts, ranging from jewelry, toys, craft products, clothing, electronics, office supplies, and so many more. Note, there are about 100,000 suppliers and 75 000 booths in the five districts.


6. Why are commodities in Yiwu Market cheap?

Some people avoid buying cheap products with the thought that they are counterfeit. But, products in the Yiwu market are cheap because the cost of production is low. The labor and material cost is cheap, therefore, low production costs. Furthermore, materials for manufacturing are also readily available, thus, cheap costs. Additionally, the factors of demand and supply also affect the pricing of products. There are very many suppliers in the market selling the same product. The many suppliers present drive down the prices of goods.



Yiwu market is responsible for the running of many economies in the world. The affordability of its commodities ensures good trading systems occur between China and various countries of the world. The above are only some of the frequently asked questions about the Yiwu market.


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