Inflatable costumes are widely popular around holidays. Something more special like an inflatable gorilla costume can make things even more fun and cool. You must have wondered how these costumes work. Many of these innovative costumes are battery-based. In this guide, you will learn more about these unique costumes, their benefits, and their working.

What are Inflatable Animal Costumes?

Inflatable animal costumes are usually made of nylon and feature an air blower that inflates them. These inflatable costumes are seen as a source of fun and entertainment for kids, teens, and adults. They are perfect for parties and holiday get togethers. You can also wear them at home casually, but be ready to get weird looks from your loved ones.

An inflatable gorilla costume is usually made from UV-protected material, typically nylon. Nylon is lightweight and has both waterproof and fadeproof properties. It can at least withstand light rainfall, but the situation may not be the same in heavy rainfall. Alongside a gorilla, T-rex, cartoon characters, skeletons, and dragons are widely popular costume characters.


Quality inflatable costumes are designed for comfort and ease of use. Among other benefits, they add life and energy to your events. You must have often come across cold-air inflatables that need to be tethered. The latest dynamic inflatables are also popular. They can flap and wiggle in the wind. But inflatable costumes are becoming the bigger trend. When you wear an inflatable costume, it allows the character to move around freely.

You can choose an inflatable gorilla costume for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one. These modern costumes are fitted with a battery-based fan system that is strapped to your waist. This helps keep the costume cool. So, you will no longer have to worry about such a costume being hot or discomforting.

Another benefit of choosing these costumes is they are lightweight. This makes them different from traditional mascot costumes, which can add several pounds of weight to your load. An inflatable animal costume is something like wearing a pool float.

Inflatable costumes also create excellent photo backdrop opportunities for selfies and other pictures. Friends and loved ones can capture shots and share on their social networks.

How Do Inflatable Gorilla Costumes Work?

Now that you know about the benefits of inflatable gorilla costumes, it will help to know about their working too.

  • These costumes are made of an airtight material. The material is both durable and lightweight and waterproof. A unique nylon variation is usually used for making these costumes. The material holds the air in without increasing the weight.
  • The air blower is a high-power mini fan. It sucks air in and fills up the costume similar to a balloon. It is constantly on to maintain the suit’s shape and replace any leaking air.
  • These inflatable animal costumes usually have drawstrings to ensure air-tightness.

Inflatable gorilla costumes can be exciting gifts for people you are close to. They are innovative suits and can bring more excitement to an event.


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