A beer pong table– does it sound familiar? The history of a similar game travels back to Beirut, Lebanon in the year 1980’s and has been practiced across the world today. This would mean this game has a legacy of over 40 years. A group of people divide into two teams, with each team on either side of the table. A ball is catapulted across the table, targeting the opponents cup. The player must gulp down the drink if the ball lands in the any of the opponents’ cups. If you are already interested, then just jump to Alibaba.com and get your every own beer pong table.

As you scroll through this article, you will be able to teleport into the campus of Dartmouth College- the place where it all started, while understanding why the beer pong table is still very popular.

Where Are Beer Pong Tables Used?

That’s an interesting question, isn’t it? Beer Pong Tables don’t have defined uses- you can literally buy it and use it for anything you want.

At Parties

What is a party without some games and alcohol- you could literally incorporate both by just purchasing a beer pong table. This table will let your guests enjoy themselves till the last minute of the party.


A club with only dance and DJ- that’s boring! A beer pong table is a must have in every club. It is a fact that you will eventually get bored of just music. Having this table at the club will help the visitors make good relations, as strangers form groups in competitive spirits.

Camping Trips

Tents, Water bottles are essentials to a camping trip. A simple addition- the beer ping pong table- might make your trip perfect. Simply align the table and start the game- time will just fly by. Make the losing team compete the camp work, while the winning team can unwind and rest.

Why Are Beer Pong Tables So Popular In North America?

The 1960 batch of Dartmouth College might be responsible for the existence of the game. Ever since, it has gained increasing popularity across North America for countless reasons.

Beer Pong Is An Addicting Game

The adrenaline rush after winning a ping pong match is immaculate. This could be a possible reason why the beer pong is become an addiction of its own. Not to forget, it catches the right beat of the mass.

It Gives An Excuse To Drink More Alcohol

Who doesn’t like alcohol- the beer pong allows people to earn an extra glass. Wondering why the beer pong game is so intense – of course because everyone would unleash their competitive spirit for a glass of alcohol.

It Allows People To Enjoy Quality Time

After a tiresome week , most would want to have some family and friends time. The beer pong game leaves everyone laughing after a miss or clapping after a win if this wouldn’t make your spirits high then what would?.


Looks like you are browsing through nearest shops to buy a beer pong table. Your job is now easier because of Alibaba.com. The site will deliver a table of great quality with timely delivery, so you are sorted for your next gathering. Don’t worry about your party being boring with a beer pong table from Alibaba.com.


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